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(GIG SEO SECRET) - How to turn your gig SEO friendly!

First of all,
When it comes to SEO!
All new sellers are struggling here, because everybody is struggling hard to scroll secrets about FIVERR search algorithms.

I am just 3 months old seller and concentrated only on a single GIG to make it to TOP SEARCHES
My gig is here - MY SUPERSELLING GIG

BEFORE STARTING - Whatever I am gonna write is my experience! I am also a seller like you all and just trying to help our community if I can.

So, the first thing is KEYWORDS :slight_smile:
Go to buyer requests, check what people are requesting! Find keywords from there because ultimately they are the clients and they will search for what they are posting!

and normal keywords should be posted in Gig Title and decription only.
Include as much keywords in description as you can.

Like I am selling animations AND I wrote voiceover etc in my description,

So if one is searching voiceover, It may target him to my gig and maybe if he was planning to buy animations too, He could directly place the order to me!

Same way, If someone is selling LOGO and wrote brand identity in description or brand name, So if someone is looking for brand name and he could come across your gig and may hit favorite for future use.

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What keywords did you use in your whiteboards and explainer video gig?

I searched for your gig under the keywords “whiteboard and explainer” and didn’t see it.

I looked in that category and didn’t see it either.

You do have several orders in your queue so I must not have looked with the right keywords.


Hello @misscrystal

that is the main task!
I used the keywords in Description and most of my buyer’s are from Google itself!
In my gig requirements I wrote a question for buyer’s like how they found me!
trust me 70% answers says GOOGLE!


What keywords did you use?


KEYWORDS (BACKLINKS) - Marketing video, Sales Video, Animated promotion, promo video

These are few Keywords I am using :slight_smile: