Gig SEO strategy


I am looking for some tips here that,
If I wana rank my gig then what should be the strategy, Is it need to do SEO with my gig


You can do social media to spread your gig, like facebook twitter instagram etc
also use the buyers request section.
and when sales starts give your 100%


Your only gig is SEO keyword research and competitor analysis - it would seem an ideal project for you to use your skills on your own gig - SEO title and tags etc.


Fiverr has a high pagerank.
Without you doing seo.
Your gigs are already on top of the quest.

Stay you maximize your service with quality


I agree with you. If we give attention to make a GIG with great/short title and description figure out to focused services. I think thats all.

And also we should do regularly what @onedna suggested.