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Gig SEO Tips to Rank it Better on Fiverr

Hello Sellers,
I know in present time selling any service on Fiverr became very competitive because Fiverr have a huge amount of sellers now and also getting buyers as well. All we want to sell our service. In that case gig ranking is a big matter. If you create a gig and it rank on First page that means you will get lots of Impressions, Views, Clicks which will increase your chance to get orders.

You can SEO your Gig to rank better on Fiverr.

1) Find a seed Keyword for your gig: Target a seed keyword for your gig like if you are providing “Video Ediitng” service, then seed keyword can be “Video Ediitng” To find a great seed keyword about your gig, try to research on Fiverr and gather knowledge from similar gigs.

2) Keep your seed Keyword in your Title: Now give a great Title about your service and definitely use your seed keyword in your Title. For example, our seed keyword was “Video Ediitng” for the video editing gig so you can write a title like that: “I will do professional video editing”

3) Keep your seed Keyword in your Description: Write a full description about your service. Provide all information in details that you will do for your clients and within this description cleverly put your seed Keyword. You can put Keyword 2 or 3 times, but not more than 3 times. My suggestion is 1 or 2 times is good enough.

4) Tag: This is the important part. You need to find out best 5 keyword for your service. This is the 5 keyword that will people search for and your gig will arrive with this keyword so be serious about it and do more research on the market. As an example of some great tags of Video Editing service is: Video Editing, Video Edit, Clip, Movie, Editor.

Some more fact that can be helpful to Rank your Gig on the top.

1) Review: Reviews are like a gold for your gig. When you get orders, do your best and deliver great work to get 5 star reviews because more 5 star reviews you have, more rank you will get.

2) Bookmark: Your gig has a button to bookmark with love symbol. If anyone like your gig and bookmark it for future use then it will be helpful for your gig search rank.

3) Social Share: Share your gigs outside Fiverr using social media like: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn etc. If you do it your gig will get more clicks and rank better on Fiverr.

These are the things that you need to care about for a Gig ranking fact.

I will write a post very soon about how to create an attractive Gig which will help you get orders. Keep connected and comment your opinion and share more ideas if you have.

Thanks for reading.


Thanks a lot for your valuable post.


Thank you so much for your valuable tips.


The TAG keyword selection is a great idea! Thanks


Great but bear in mind there are combination of factors for getting good ranking in fiverr search results. Like social views and traffic, 5 star ratings ,High numbers of bookmarks of the gig also support to rank high in search result. But > TAG section is really important as described above by @raselkhondokar .


Number of 5 star ratings is questionable actually. I see some sellers on the top rows who have few ratings.

My question is this: once you have your five tags should you put those in the description also?


@misscrystal Good question.
The thing is they are top rated sellers and people do visits there profile and hover over there gigs the daily views also matter and the other thing is trs are proven members fiverr give them preference as well. There are bunch of reasons.


I’m a trs and my gigs can generally only be seen if someone selects that option on the left of the search page, to show trs only, and also selects the option for most reviews.


When i joined fiverr my gig were not showing up any where from top to bottom i did search. Than what i did is little research on my competitors and keywords and tags and after setting up the title, description and tags it start showing up on top, i targeted this keyword responsive website. so seo work somewhat like this.

  1. Title <-- e.g i will design > responsive website in 15 hours : main keywords design responsive websites, > responsive website
  2. Description <-- the main keyword should appear 2-3 times in your gig description
  3. Tags<-- should be relevant to keywords . > responsive website, design, mobile > website.

Now target was responsive website. so if some one search in fiverr responsive website chances are i get in the search result
also sharing in social media helps alot.
Hope i explain it well. :slight_smile:


Great, when I write it, I was thinking about a new gig that’s why I miss that important and major thing. I will definitely add your point now.

Thank you so much.


Thanks you. Yeah, there are a number of facts and I have tried to discuss few important things but your points are mentionable.


Thanks for share your idea and tips with us.


This was helpful. Thanks a lot.


I don’t think so, a lot of gigs I have seen are ranking on top without even mentioning of keywords in the description at all. I’m still figuring out how Fiverr rank gigs, most probably, top rankings are manual.

Alternatively, gigs in a particular set (per se first 8 ranking gigs and then another half full page ranking gigs in order) rotate in a cycle. Like first 8 ranking and then all the below.

But I very much feel that Fiverr ranking can’t be fully manipulated to show up on the top, it depends on lots of factors and it’s manual too.

For example, new gigs being promoted for few days (like given chance), first 8 ranking gigs circulation from 1st to 8th position and the below ones. etc.


Thank you so much for share your idea .


This facts are real causes and working things but Fiverr have lots of more matrix. They use a matrix which automatically cycle gigs in search results. But keyword is important thing and then review is major thing.


I know fiverr has a way of setting each gig to be exactly where they want it to be and it can be set for a certain number of days before it rotates into another position. It’s amazing they way they totally control each gig, where it is and when. The first rows are manual. All of it is in a way.


Yes they try to give chance to everyone.


Thank you very much for your valuable tips.


Thanks for sharing and tips, mate!