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I am using fiverr since 2018. I have completed 14 orders so far. Every month I got at least 2 orders on average and I have earned Level One Badge. But due to some of my mistakes I lost the badge. After that I am not getting any new order and I became frustrated. Can anyone suggest me how should I redesign my gigs with tagging and pricing? Also I would like to know what is the effective way to promote gig on social media and other media?
Thanks in advance

Sorry to hear this. And, yes, it’s frustrating.

Check your gigs - particularly the low performing ones. Could they do with an update or a video? Examine your competitors and think about what they’re doing that you’re not - do not plagiarize.

You can do various things over the next 60 days to help - put your profile link into your social media profiles - don’t spam news feeds, pages or groups. That doesn’t help.

@humanissocial started a great thread about marketing here: Great Marketing Resources

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@coerdelion Thanks a lot Bro for your suggestion. I will start working on that.

Quick tip: be careful when gendering people! You might offend them if you incorrectly assume their gender. I find it’s better to stay safe and refer to people using their username. :wink:


sure. Thanks for the suggestion. I will keep that in mind from next time:grinning:

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