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Gig sharing on Social media is worth?

Many saying that , you will get an improved chance of getting order / noticed by customers by sharing gigs on social medias …Is it really give benefits to our chances ?


Have you read the forum? Do a search for “sharing Gig on social media” and watch literally dozens if not more posts pop up like magic where you can read about other’s experience in this area.

Certainly, sharing your Gig on social media to the right people who need your service, is a good idea. Unfortunately, most just spam the heck out of social media posting their links day in and day out, sometimes hourly, which has gotten Fiverr sellers a bad reputation, and has turned a lot of people off. Don’t be that guy. Research on this forum how to use social media to your advantage, not how to annoy the WWW.



i am frequently doing it from past many months no changes are shown

you have that link ?/ i want to read and learn //

Here’s the right way: Marketing Yourself - Just Do It - Here's How - UPYOUR

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Sharing is great! Helps your gig get out there for people looking to hiring you. Just don’t do it so much you get flagged for spam

Thanks for your reply , will go through your points noted