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Gig showing on last page

hello guys my gig is showing on last page what can i do now because of this m not getting any order . i have got warning before … is this the reason i have not getting order from past 2 weeks my order completion goes down …


ok…Now do a proper gig optimization,spend lot of time to do research on it and put buying keyword in your tile…

Do not give any advice without having any experience of that… As I know if he change the gig title his gig will disappear from the search…


Share your gig more and more hope that will work a little bit … And of course for getting the warning your gig can rank down …

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It has nothing to do with optimization, if it suddenly goes to last page, yet used to be on first page for example for a very long time.

i agree with you i was level one because of warning i lost my level and i was down …

Are you stats high ? order completion and so on ?

yes … today when i log in to my account i found my gig ranking on 1st page like before :slight_smile: now i don’t have problem i have waited one month for this … :slight_smile:

I still have one red stat, I assume everything for you is above 90% right ?

yes bro i have all 100% but i have only 89% order completion rate that is because i was in last page no order there i hope that will too increase when i completed more projects. you rank in last page ??

Yes we are in the same category, and I’m in the last page too for about a month and half…everything is 100% but delivery time which is 82%… can you please tell me how it was before? Like before when you were on first page your stats were all 100% and when it dropped in order completion you went to last page and when you recovered it’s all above 100% now ?
Just trying to figure out what happened so as to avoid it.

bro do you have any warning on your profile ??

Not lately, my last warning was in september!

bro as my suggestion don’t change your tittle and keywords anything may be after some time they will rank you in 1st page i also do this same and keep patience bro i hope you will rank in 1 page best of luck :slight_smile:

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You may know me, I’ve been on the first page for one year (last year) but after january I got pushed to the last page maybe cause I’ve lost my level… and my delivery rate is poor…that’s why I was asking about stats.

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