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GIG showing on the 10th page with 300 positive reviews

You won’t believe this but this is true, I have over 300 positive reviews and I don’t have a single negative review on my gig and suddenly I see my gig on the 10th page.

But, you can find it on the first page’s 1st or 2nd row by filtering with “Avg. Customer Review” and “Level 2 Seller”, but it shows on the 10th page normally? Doesn’t it sound very strange?

I can see even the new sellers on 3rd or 4th page of the search result but being a level 2 seller with 300 reviews on the GIG, I found myself in 12th position. (Not only me, I saw a few more seller who has over 100 good ratings and they are behind or ahead of mine.

I contacted support yesterday, and they seem don’t care and won’t help regarding this.

Any help?


There are many possible reasons why this can happen. Just to name a few:

  • the search results algorithm is known to show gigs by rotation, so maybe Fiverr decided it is now time for others to show up first, too;

  • you may have edited your gig, which can change its position;

  • you may have had a cancellation, and cancellations are known to lower positions

Either way, CS will likely tell you that there’s nothing unusual, it’s how the search algorithm works, and that they cannot guarantee you any specific position in results, and that search positions are not permanent :wink:

P.S. CS does care, but you have to be patient - it takes 24-48 hours to get a response from CS, but if you keep pressing them for a reply eventually you’ll get no reply at all.


Thanks for your comment.

For your information, I have a very low cancellation rate (4%). And I have edited my gig but as of fiverr’s policy, the gig ranking won’t change for editing the gig.
So, I think maybe there’s anything wrong with the search system.

And I didn’t mean they respond lately, I meant, their replies seems not that helpful and they just seem to send a template message for every question I ask.

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Congrats! Some sellers have gigs that don’t even rank that high.

You can control the search results, so don’t worry about things you can’t control. Just worry about being a great seller. And if you aren’t getting sales from on Fiverr, take the time to market and promote your gigs OFF of Fiverr. You can bring in your own traffic too. Don’t expect Fiverr’s search engine to be your only source of sales.

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Thank you for your great tips, I will keep that in mind.

Congrats i hope to sell high one day