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Gig sorting "Best selling" not working well

This happens when I sort on “Best selling” it shows gigs with 0 sales on page 1.
Anyone else notices this too in their category?

If there’s a change in the algorithm I don’t mind, but sorting on best selling just seems not to be working right.


I have seen for the first time.
Well there might be an issue or most probably fiverr is giving chance to other selllers who don’t have any review.
I searched the same “mix and master” but it is showing the accurate results. Like Level one, Pro services.

Yes you are right, these are the results when sorting by relevance, but now try in the right hand corner to sort by best selling.

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Yup, now I got the same results. I think the only reason is that Fiverr is giving chance to the new sellers. Don’t worry, the gig ranking keeps changing.

That section is how they give more impressions to newer sellers. It’s not really best sellers as you can see, aside from the one top rated seller possibly.

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