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Gig standing out?

Hi everyone, I just set up my first gig - very exciting! The forum has also been very helpful; I plan to follow the great advice given. To help speed things up on my quest for that first precious order, could anyone offer any advice on my gig? A particular concern is that my area of work is not very niche and the competition is vast…


A few suggestions, if you don’t mind:

The first sentence in every gig should echo its title, to reaffirm what you’re offering to do. (It’s also suspected to appeal to ‘the algorithm’.) As an editor, you already know to cut the fluff but also be tasteful in conveying information. I’m guessing this was an early draft?

While it’s good to let potential buyers know a little about your qualifications, it’s better to put most of the more personal stuff in your profile, so as to keep the gig clean and simple. The part I left, the second paragraph, would be better to put towards the end of the description, and for sure after promoting what you can offer buyers. It makes a good conclusion for the gig description rather than just ending in a list.

Your “What I’ll provide” section needs to clearly differentiate what perks are part of which package. Yes, it’s a tad redundant, but window-shopper attention span is almost worse than a toddler. Fiverr tries to promote professionalism, but often we need to factor the lowest common denominator.

Some of that “Other Info” might be better in the FAQ section, or at least echoed there so you can expand on those if needed. This is, of course, up to you though.

Your image is decent, but if you have the option, consider adding a text-box to the first picture that states ‘Proofreading & Editing’. It’ll help fill the negative space and help ‘sell’ the gig.

Always check your gig thumbnails from your profile: Your third image has been cropped. These are usually the first thing people will see, and, to paraphrase: first impressions are everything.

If any of the points are unclear, feel free to quote them and I’ll try to elaborate. (Thanks for letting me evaluate your gig, I enjoyed it!)


Massively helpful and I greatly appreciate your time and energy! This selling myself thing is new to me and something I’m still getting used to. I’ve also seen your replies to other folks - I’m sure they appreciate it, too! Very kind.

Thank you for the complement. Did you have any questions about what I noted? Or even about what I didn’t make a note on?

Thanks for the offer to check in! I made a number of changes based on your input. I found that it made things stronger. No real questions but if you’re passing time I’d appreciate your second opinion. And I guess one question - to video or not to video? It’s not a ‘visual’ gig, but I was thinking of doing one up.

I don’t think a video is necessary, no. I’ve seen a few gigs in that category that have slideshow videos that are good, but unless you can think of something unique and catchy, I can’t recommend it unless you can justify the costs (time, resources, opportunity cost, actual cost, stress of being a perfectionist and the video not being what you envisioned…).

I do like the overall appearance better, but I noticed you completely removed your book (mention of and image of). Being published isn’t a huge thing, what with self-publishing options, but it does lend some credibility. (I think mentioning the book in your profile is fine. Do you know how to splice two images together?

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Thanks again! I didn’t even to think to splice an image - I just did so. As for the video, I’ll wait a week or two and see if things remain dry; I’ll try one if that’s the case.

Looks good! Only other bit of advice is to promote yourself outside of Fiverr. (Sorry I’ve no advice on this part, but if you hang around the forums, you can pick up on some good and/or professional methods.)

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