Gig Star Math is Wrong


Hello fellow Fiverrs!

I have a featured Gig with more than 50 Five Stars and just one negative…and my rank is 95. What is the math here?

Instead of Five Stars, I have four and a half.

Just don’t understand the math here.

Thanks for any feedback! :grinning:

  1. you don’t have a featured gig
  2. the gig itself has issues, It’s not just the negative review, all those 3, 3.5, 4, and 4.5 reviews add up too
  3. work on the metrics that are 4.5


I don’t have any less than 5…no 3 or 3.5…
Just this one and oh, one that the buyer gave 4.5 by mistake…


That is patently untrue. Anyone can see this by looking at the relevant gig.

You can argue, but the evidence is there.


95% positive rating. I see a several 4.5 , 2.5 and a 4 star rating. The math is that you had several unsatisfied customers who thought your service wasn’t a wow factor for them.


That post was on the wrong thread. Look, go to your bestselling gig with 50-odd posts, click “see more” and look at the reviews. You have ratings on 3, 3.5, 4 and 4.5. No need for a printout. There’s no wrong math here, you just need to improve your service rather than come up with an excuse about algorithms.

case closed


Thank you @phantompower! I am confused since I didn’t saw these info.

Could you send me the link please?

My kindly regards and happy sales!



Well, I guess people can’t see what they don’t want to.


Thank you for the sympathy!


I just saw and now I understand. No need for this unkind treatment.


And where was I unkind? I told you the issue and you outright denied it.


Thought this topic said Gig star Meth you got me excited for no reason


It’s not an unkind treatment basically I consider @emmaki as the kind of person that points you to the right direction in a way that you won’t forget. She pointed me in the right direction when I posted my first topic on the forum. Her method works.


I respectfully have to disagree…Your answer was great…hers saying things like I should be reported, that I overlooked the issue instead of pointing where should I look.

I’m using the Fiverr’s app by the way! I can’t see this info from here.

Thank you again @phantompower! Sorry for the confusion.


Hehe…Sorry about that @psychicbunny! :wink:


My, aren’t you a sensitive little soul. So you disagree that my assessment was valid, despite it being virtually the same?

EDIT: you did read my two posts above explaining that I posted on the wrong thread in error, right?


Yes, I did! Thank you!.. Till the final sentence…:wink:

Like I said, I can’t access this info with my Ipad or Android. That’s why I’ve asked you for the print. :slight_smile:


Alright, so you point everyone to the gig–using the wrong terminology–then when someone explains the issue, you deny it. Then when others say the same, you ask for a print, or a link. Then you reveal you’re on the app and you can’t see all this, while repeating that I said you could be banned and that I was “overlooking the issue” and not “pointing where you should look”.

It’s so easy to overlook information that isn’t shared, isn’t it? I’m sorry dude, this is on you. I suspect your issues with lower star reviews stem from this kind of drip-drap of communications as well. I see you have 5 stars for communication, but I’m seeing a sore lack of it here.

You should be glad your buyers aren’t rating you on that, at least. But go ahead, call me the big ole meanie.


Okay. That’s wonderful! Have a nice day!


You forgot the insincere :slight_smile: