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Gig starts only when the Seller accepts the sent Requirements


Hi guys, I did some research and havent found exactly the solution Im proposing regardings Requirements
and I been affected about 60% of my time.
So I offer optimization for publishing accounts for Mobile devs.
In order to do that I need an analytics file that contains data from the Buyer.
It’s written in my requirements but of course 8 out of 10 times most of the Buyers are not
able to generate data analytics file (they simply never did if before) and then they just
reply “yes” to the requirements section, Fiverr automatically accepts those are correct and then
lets the gig timer to start while in reality I still dont have any data from the Buyer to provide
my service.

My solution: once the Buyer has submitted the requirements, I will manually accept them and then
start the actual gig and timer.

What do you think?


Have you thought about adding an Extra for generating the analytics file yourself on behalf of the client? If the client doesn’t know how to do it, you can offer this as part of your service for an additional fee :wink:

Also make sure to explain what is required in your gig description, your gig’s FAQ section, maybe even on your gig image/video.

I think that the issue you’re having is not due to how Fiverr was designed, but rather how you designed or thought out your service.

If you would bring this to Fiverr’s attention via Customer Support, they would probably also tell you to rethink your gig or the way you designed your gig to avoid this situation :wink: