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Gig statistics in app different compared to website?

Hi there, new seller here.

Just set up my first gig a couple of days ago, and made sure to download the mobile app as well.
The problem is, though, that on the “gig statistics” page on my phone, a different number of clicks, impressions etc is shown compared to what I can see on the website.

Is this a bug, or are the gig statistics on my app only measuring impressions and clicks from other phones, whilst the statistics on my computer measures statistics from other computers?
This is just a bit confusing, and I can’t really find any information about why these results should be different.

Sigurd Halse


I realize this is an old post, but I stumbled upon it while searching Google for an answer to the same question: Why are the Fiverr gig statistics different on the app than on the website?

Since no one had answered, and I couldn’t find an answer on Google, I decided to experiment myself to try to find out, and Eureka! I figured it out.

The app shows statistics for the last 7 days, and you can’t change this on the app (as far as I can tell). On the website, the default is to show stats for the last 30 days. You CAN change this on the website, and if you change it to “Last 7 days”, you’ll find that you are seeing the same data as you do on the app.

A little bit odd from a user experience standpoint, but there you have it. Now you know why your getting different gig data on the Fiverr app compared to the web.




Cheers for that - it makes it a lot clearer now! :sunny:

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Thank you, just the thing I was looking for :slight_smile: