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Gig stats unchanged and new gigs made unfound

Hi, I’ve recently made a new gig in my profile, and it somehow does not show up on the search engine (despite searching my exact gig title). What do you guys think is wrong with it? My gig stats also did not refresh for today, is that an end of the month thing? If it is, is that also the reason why my new gig is not popping up? (My keywords are definitely common and similar to my other new gig created two days ago). Does anyone know how to explain this? Thanks!

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Facing the same issue, I am sure its a bug in fiverr.

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Yes same issue here, I hope it gets fixed soon.

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How about creating new gigs that don’t show up? Any of you having that problem as well?

Hi @uzake88 ,

I also experienced this 2 days ago, after creating 4 gigs, non of the gigs appear in search, i tried check to see if I did something wrong but still not showing up at all after searching with different keywords.

I deleted these 4 gigs, and I create a new one but it was still the same issue, this new gig did not also appear in search.

I was so worried, I tried contact fiverr CS but non of this works, I started making research of what could have caused the problem.

At the end I was able to figure it out, and my gig appear immediately I applied what I am about to tell you, in fact I created another gig with the idea of what I am about to tell you and it appears in search immediately after I clicked on publish.

Now, this is what I did;

1stly, make sure your gig descriptions is 100% unique, don’t ever copy other sellers gig descriptions, the best is to write it yourself, even if it is going to be short and straight to the point.

2ndly, focus on 1 single keyword (choose the keyword from fiverr search), e.g “WEBSITE CONTENT”, Let this keyword appear on your Gig Title, Gig tags, and repeat this keyword 4 times in your descriptions (make sure they flow with the content).

And lastly, rename your files, your gig image, gig video and your gig pdf file with this same keyword e.g “WEBSITE CONTENT”

NOTE; In your descriptions, write the keyword in small letters, bold and highlight it. When renaming your files, let it be in Capital Letter.

I hope this helps

Hi, I tried looking back at my gig, and I oddly had all of these checked out with your qualifications for it to appear in the search engine. Could you check it out and see any mistake I made if you could?

your gig is no longer available

i faced this issue but i solved this issue by knocking fiverr support. they take 3 business days to solve this issue.know my gig are show in fiverr search result. so knock to fiverr support and don’t worry about it.