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Gig Stats Work in 2020

Every Freelancer working on Fiverr wants to Rank his/her Gig on the first page of the client’s search results so they can earn more in less time. Being at first page is mean that you are getting more direct orders instead of sending proposals at “Buyers Requests”.


First and Most Important thing to check in your gig stats. It’s all about how well you have used “Keywords” in your gig.

Example: If your Gig is to offer Logo Design Services. When a client searches for Logo Design, he/she will see thousands of the gigs on Logo Design but only 50-100 gigs at first page and only those 50-100 freelancer will get its impression. If your gig is ranking at 2nd page, you will never get its Impression until the client visits the 2nd page.

Solution: To improve your Impressions you need to work on your service Keywords.

Add the Main Keyword in your Gig Title, must add the keyword in first 2 lines of description. Add relevant search tags properly.

Tip: Rename your Gig cover image with the service you are offering. If the service is ” Professional Logo Designer” Rename your gig cover as ” professional-logo-designer” it will also help you drive traffic from Google directly.


If you have used the right keywords and its getting impressions but didn’t get any clicks then you need to improve your Gig Cover image.

If your gig is visible in the client’s search results but they didn’t click it, its simply because your Cover is NOT Attractive at all.

Check your competitor’s gig covers, try to come up with a unique and eye-catchy cover that tells the buyer what you are offering or represent your related portfolio.
Also, make sensible and Short Title.


There are a number of ways you can get Views as a client search and open your gig, or by sharing gig links on social media.

Sometimes you see you are getting more Views than Clicks, its either you are getting direct traffic from Google/social media, etc or it’s showing your personal views (when you open and refresh your gig several times a day,)
So, if a client is on your Gig and checked/read it by scroll up/down then you will get a view in stats.


If the first 3 are good but you still not getting any orders, you need to check your Price and Packages Plans.

Check your competitor’s Price and Package plans, try to offer more value for the money. Add something Free as gift to attract clients (something that doesn’t require much time to complete)


Cancellation represents the percentage of the orders that get canceled. If you have received a total 100 orders and completed 80 of them, your Cancellation rate will be 20% and it has a major impact on gig ranking. Always try to deliver and complete your all orders to avoid negative ranking.


-Low Impressions: Improve your Gig Keywords

-Low Clicks: Improve your Gig Cover and Title

-Low Views: Share your Gig on different social media platforms to drive more traffic.

-No Order: You need to improve your Price and Packages Plans

Important Guide:

-Must follow Time Zone Requirements (Check if its right Time to apply on jobs according to your clients working hours/Time zone).
-Must Complete 7 gigs to get maximum buyer requests.

If you like please follow this gig :