Gig status active on fiverr but on fiverr app status is paused


hello i recently joined fiverr My Gig status is showing as active on laptop browser but on the fiverr app it is showing as paused which one is right ? if it is paused I cant get orders please help


I’ve seen this asked a few times, but nobody seems to have an answer!

Maybe drop a wee note to Customer Services?


fiverr site is going worse day by day smh They dont know what they are doing lol


Or it could just be a bit of a glitch - they happen sometimes. I’m sure CS will be able to help you.

You’ve only been on Fiverr a few days - give it a chance! :slight_smile:


You talking about 7 days, right? :thinking:

( saying who Joined June 2017 ) :rolling_eyes:

Give it sometime, young lady… Chill. :snowflake: