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Gig status N/A empty every thing

Any One has any idea when it will be ok. the gig status.

Fiverr has stated that they are working on fixing the display issue. The orange bar right on top of that page even states that in exact terms. We, here, on the forums, have no insight into a resolution time-table. Truth be told, the display issue will be fixed when it is fixed.

As Fiverr also states, the display issue does not affect your gigs. Your gigs are still gaining daily metrics, they just aren’t being displayed at the moment. Please be patient. It will be fixed when Fiverr is able to fix it.

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my gigs status is showing the same since quite some time. I don’t know if it is general or only with me.

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This topic is a STICKY on the top of the main forum page - it is affecting EVERYONE’S Gig pages, not just you. Read the forum for more than 1 minute and you would find a plethora of knowledge, insight and updates on site bugs!


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