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Hi to everybody. I have a problem with my Gig and I do not find the way to solve it. My Gis Status is paused, this means that nobody can see it. Fiverr suggests, near this explanation, that I can reactivate whenever I like, but I do not know how to do. Can you help me ?


Hi Maddy,

When you open “My gigs” tab, you can see an “active” tab (above 3 tab sayin “pause” “active” “deleted”). You can manage your gig through that. You can choose from “active” into “pause”, then tick the gig and activate it. Hope it help, I am not really good in explaining something technical.

Go to My gigs page, choose the pause section, and select the gig you want to reactivate. Then click activate.

The problem is that the 3 tabs are not active, are in grey color and even if i click on it , nothing happen.

You are all very kind

Reply to @titinochka:

Did you try clicking in the box next to the gig? When there is a check mark in the box then the greyed out boxes become white.

There should be a check box next to the gig you’d like to activate. Click on it and then click activate.