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Gig still in processing

it’s about 5 days my gig is still in processing why?
can anyone tell me

Every gig goes through a processing time. However, 5 days are long. A short and specific question to support will probably help you.

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but the processing time is up to 24 hours.

Yes - I also said that 5 days are very long. Therefore, in my opinion, a request for support would be appropriate.

ok. can u tell me in detail what i should do now ,because i am new here.

  2. Login and switch to selling
  3. Click on your Profil Picture
  4. Click on Help & Support
  5. Scroll down
  6. Click on Seller Help Center
  7. Scroll down
  8. Click on “Contact Us”
  9. Select “Gig”
  10. Select “I am unable to create a Gig”
  11. Write under Subject: “After 5 Days my Gig is still processing”
  12. Write udner Description: "
    Hello Fiverr team! Could you possibly tell me why my gig has been on hold for 5 days? Did something change? I would very much like to start working. Best regards, hamzaa3022"
  13. Wait for a Answer -> E-Mail


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