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Gig still not showing up in search after 10 days of updating it

Hi guys, I was looking for some advice on what to do. I started a gig around 4 months ago which I was doing great, however , I wanted to update some of the graphics and add a video to my gig and so I did around 10 days ago. I saw that if you change things about your gig it goes “off air” for 24 hours , which wasn’t that big of a problem or so I thought.

However it has been 10 days now since my gig has not appeared in the gig search engine, I’ve looked through every page, logged in ,logged out and even from a fresh device. I saw my gig on the “check your gig status” support page and it says it is active but needs “further review” from fiverr until it shows up again in the search and that I should contact support to get it reviewed. I contacted fiverr support twice and got the same automated response saying that I should check gig status on the page (which does not solver my issue whatsoever). This fiverr gig was what was saving my income during this pandemic and I went from receiving 3-4 orders a week to having my gig completely stale in the last 10 days.

Is there anywhere I can try to get in contact with support or something else I can do to get my gig back on?


Welcome to the Fiverr forums.
I like your gig setup, it’s pretty good! The only think I see missing is something that defines what a ‘revision’ is for your gig. (See (FAQ) point 1 here, Basics to Improve Your Gig. A helpful breakdown and guide, for an example.)

As for the ‘further review’, support is really behind right now, so ten days sounds about right. you can try sending an email directly to, but if you’ve already sent tickets, it’s unlikely to draw out any additional information.

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