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Gig still not shown in search

I have changed the title of my gig 3 days earlier. But still, I can’t see my gig in search results. When I contacted customer support, they are saying to wait for 10 business days. My question is that, is it justifiable to ask customers to wait for 10 days? every customer needs quick service and companies are struggling to improve it, but here we can see the opposite scenario. Can anybody guide me in this regard? Thank you.

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Yes. If Fiverr told you that you will have to wait, then you’ll have to wait. Fiverr’s staff is extremely busy right now (during the days of COVID), and it takes longer for things to be reviewed, answered, and responded to. It’s just the way it is right now. Please be patient.


Imagine you have a team of 5 people and you are receiving hundreds of queries everyday What will you do? Same goes to Fiverr. They have total 500+ employees. I am not sure how many are there in customer support . Let suppose 100. And they receive 2-3K tickets everyday. It not easy at all that what you think.

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Brother, it is one of the largest freelance platform, so it is their responsibility to improve the service, otherwise the competitors are ready to grab her market.

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And how do you know that they aren’t doing this right now? Are you familiar with what is happening at their offices? Do you have insight into their actions and improvements? Fiverr is busy. I know this… I have talked to some of them. They are busy right now. You will just have to be patient.

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That’s why they are receiving thousands of queries everyday.

They know and care about their market better than us. They don’t have to just answer queries instead there are other things to do as well.

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Lets agree with you that you have talked with them. So it means there is no room for improvement you say?

I am saying… Fiverr is busy right now. You aren’t likely to receive the fast answer you want.

Please be patient.

You will defenitly recieve answer, try to share your GIG on TOP social media platform. I think it will work for you. And yes, your gig will back to your possition within few days.