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Gig stuck in draft [solved]

Gig is getting stuck in drafts an won’t lemme publish. I’ve done everything that needed to be done an can’t figure this out. When I get to the end the publish button isn’t even clickable…HELP ME!

Contact Fiverr Customer support

Did YOU verify Your Mobile Number

GIG is stuck in draft when YOUR mobile number is not verified,
I also face this problem

I’ll try to verify my profile info again but I’m pretty sure I checked all of that cause I just updated my address an everything else

Some categories need Test. So if you want to publish your gig on those categories you will need to pass on the test.

I got an email from Fiverr Support, I guess everything had to be approved before I could publish, Thanks everyone

I was able to publish yay!!!

This bug happened with but for for gallery option, i tried to remove a video to upload new one. and it didnt work.
i found a trick by signing in from another browser, for me internet explorer worked