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Gig suddenly denied after a year and more


Hello everyone.
I wanted to share with you my experience as I found out that many sellers lived this.

I’ve been a seller for some time, and I’ve always had a good time on Fiverr. I used to have a first profile which I had to close due to lack of time, and I recreated it on March 2018. My contents have always been the same: cosplay related stuff.
My best gig has always been the fansign one; basically I took selfies holding a sign and let the buyer choose the cosplay to wear and what he wanted me to write. Nothing weird, I’d say, that let me build a good reputation and really helped me earning money as I’m a student and I don’t have many possibilities to work.

Then, suddenly, I noticed that my overall stats were decreasing. At first, I didn’t really care about it as I was too busy with holidays and stuff, moreover I didn’t receive Fiverr’s notify on my phone (my intention wasn’t to complain about mobile’s app but hey this is relevant too I guess)… but a few days ago I realised that my gig disappeared. I immediately contacted Fiverr’s support to ask for explanations, and the answer I was given is “I hope you are having a great day. Your Gig is not currently in our Editorial focus. We recommend continuing trying to create new unique and creative Gigs which express your talents. You are welcome to create new Gigs.”
I couldn’t believe that.
I thought Fiverr was a website where everyone was free to express himself the best way he thought, and honestly mine was cosplay.
I’ve obviously complained, trying to ask if it was possible to recreate the gig, but all they could answer me were short texts referring to my gig as “irrelevant on their platform”.
I’m shocked, and what pisses me off the most is the fact that I’m not the only user who provides fansign services, but I’m the only one who got her gig denied, after months and months of work. I mean, if the problem is the kind of gig which, apparently, is irrelevant to them, why not deleting all of them?
Of course I’m not wishing other girls to get their gigs denied like me but I just don’t understand this.

This is unfair and I’m extremely disappointed. I’m afraid I’ll be quitting the website soon as I just can’t accept something like this.


You’re not the only one. Fiverr started removing sign-holding gigs over a year ago, if I remember correctly, and they have removed many before they removed yours.


Fiverr is changing their image from that “anyone is free to express himself” start-up that they once were, to more of a business services-themed freelance site. I am sorry to hear about your gig being among those that no longer fall within Fiverr’s editorial focus. Perhaps you can think of some ways in which your overall skill set can be used to provide more business related services? Cosplay is always fun, but perhaps you have other more service-oriented skills to share? :thinking:


Oh wow I should feel glad then that they waited so long to remove mine.
Thank you for telling me that, I had no idea! I actually never noticed many more sign-holding gigs apart from mine.


Thank you for your advice! The problem is, I don’t find other skills I could share on Fiverr… mainly because it’s nothing original. To make an example: I can quite draw but Fiverr’s full of amazing artists; cosplay was kind of a unique service that attracted more people and let me combine my favorite hobby with “work”.
Anyway it’s disappointing to hear that… I’ve always loved the fact that Fiverr offered ANY kind of service and everyone could invent something…


I actually never noticed many more sign-holding gigs apart from mine.

They went the way of the dinosaur after the Pewdiepie incident. Long story short, in case you didn’t hear about what happened, the YouTuber got some Fiverr guys to write some rude stuff. The vid went viral, and Fiverr got a lot of bad press.

It’s all a little bit weird, though, because there’s a “Your Message On…” sub-category. It seems you’re allowed to write messages in the sand or on vehicles; you’re just not allowed to write them on bits of paper. I can understand why sellers get a little bit confused.


Ohh of course I know that story. It’s just that I never linked it to this problem, but it somehow makes sense.
I mean, I still don’t agree with their decision to delete my gigs and this kind of service in general… especially because, in fact, you’re actually allowed to write on sand and so on…
I don’t think what happened with Pewdiepie should make OUR gigs to be considered “irrelevant”. They should provide a full explanation in any case.


I see from your profile that you’re bilingual. Have you considered offering translations? I know the market is pretty saturated, but it couldn’t hurt to open a Gig, if you were open to that sort of thing. You could upload a vid talking in both languages, take a few tests and display them on your profile, etc. You’d have a pretty solid Gig. And there’d be no worry of Fiverr taking it down.


Great idea!

@plutiae, as cosplay is a pretty big industry and people can even integrate it into their business’s social media content, I’m sure you could do business-related cosplay gigs.

For example, do you have a social media presence? You could offer cosplay selfie video shoutouts on one of your social media platforms. I have a shoutout gig and it’s my bestseller.

Or your focus could be to create cosplay videos with marketing messages on your signs. You could offer multiple signs per video and, when watched in sequence, the signs could tell the buyers’ story they want shared, to be published in their social media. Or you could create a kind of explainer video, but instead of being animated, like a whiteboard video, you could feature each scene as a card, which you would hold-up. A live action explainer video.

Video content marketing is a must-have for business these days. If you offered something similar to what you’re doing, but adapt it as a shoutout, storytelling or explainer video for a business to use in their social media, I imagine that would qualify.


I did have a translation gig, which no one ever paid attention to, but I’ve never thought about the video thing. Thank you.


Thank you so much for your answer! I actually already have a video gig and I did a few shout-outs, so I should probably insist more on that.


Since you do cosplay, maybe you can do a “how-to-cosplay 101A” video/advice or something?
Or give advice on what to do/ not to do when a beginner gets into the cosplay world, etc?
I’m aware that there are many people making youtube videos of this already, but I’m sure each
person has a specific question they want to ask.


I agree with what @jonbaas said, they are migrating from fun and wild to professional services, and I think the first category is now one of the rarest that can be find here due to Fiverr’s actions.

The reason is simple: the fun categories open to a lot of risks, as they can be exploited by people to troll and show a bad image of Fiverr. Should you suffer for this? No. They just considered the bigger picture, meaning that the services themselves are not worth the hassle. While I don’t doubt the productivity of these wonderful people that provide something else than your basic writing, translating and web developing, I can bet they were the minority of the cash flow (for Fiverr) even from beginning.

I recommend that you stop depending on Fiverr. Don’t let their rules limit your creativity and your vision. Start an independent way to support yourself with the help of fans, and count on yourself only. If you can provide something else here for a buck, by all means do it. Anyone can easily learn data entry, social media management or how to do translations. Forget about competition, there’s plenty of fish in the sea.

BUT if what makes you happy involves creating cosplay video, don’t let the direction of this platform change yours. While it will be hard at first, you will end up fulfilled, rather than miserable all the time doing what you don’t like. :slight_smile:


You’re so welcome and it’s great to read that! Would love you to update us on this thread down the road about how the transition to professional services went for you.

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