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Gig suddenly disappeared

Hi! I offer a gig in category: Social Marketing --> Bookmarking & Links. My gig has been sitting on the first place in this category for 11 days. But now it completely disappeared and cannot find it. What happened? I din’t get any negative feedback. Nothing happened. What am I supposed to do to restore my rankings?

Hello buddy.

If you are talking about the old fiverr then keep in mind that after V2 is launched, there is a major change in rankings and listing appearances.

Hundreds of people here (myself included) saw our top rates gigs that lied in the first results of specific categories or keywords dissapearing or ranking low in V2.

If everything is ok with your gig and it’s not suspended (check that), then it’s probably due to the new fiverr version.

We’ve all been waiting for a solution days now, cause orders have dropped to almost zero.

Guess fiverr is really busy fixing issues, cause they don’t even reply at customer support.

Patience will be your friend i guess

But I created this gig after launch of V2. And it was sitting at number 1 in category Bookmarking & links for 11 days!. And suddenly disappeared

It hasn’t disappeared. Over the last few days Fiverr made some updates to V2 and implemented the sorting options we used to have in V1. Your gig has been moved to the “New” sorting option within your category. I scrolled down and hit the load button at the bottom of the page once or twice and was able to find your gig.

The only gigs that remain on the first page of categories now are featured or hand-picked (by Fiverr staff) gigs from what I understand.

So I should expect some decrease in the sales number? I’ve been gettin about 7-10 orders daily. What can I expect now?

Yeah! It’s now again on the 1 place! What’s going on?

My guess is it will probably fluctuate for a while as the staff continues to make updates to V2. Not to mention, your new gig has gained quite a few sales in a short amount of time (congrats, by the way!). The indexing and ranking systems are probably trying to figure out where to place your gig which could also cause fluctuation.

Just hang in there. I suspect we’ll all be experiencing some changes in placement and ranking over the next couple of weeks at least as Fiverr staff continue to implement updates and features.

My main gig is also experiencing some fluctuation if it makes you feel any better. Sometimes it’s higher up in the search results, sometimes I can barely find it. shrugs Not much we can do about it right now.


My gig just disappeared from the results, what can I do to get it back ? It was the gig with most sales and reviews :(.


Reply to @luiscesarmx: checked your gig with the most sales… I don’t think it’s something Fiverr likes to promote… I heard that Fiverr is slowly trying to remove from the search results gigs like these…

Reply to @theratypist: What’s wrong with it ?

Reply to @luiscesarmx: Pretty much anything related to social media likes/follows/friends/hearts, etc. is going to be tricky. Fiverr is gradually removing the majority of social media promotions because sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Periscope, etc. generally consider those sales to be against their own Terms of Service.

If it’s against Terms of Service on another site, it is also against the Terms on Fiverr. There are so many related gigs, though, it takes time for Fiverr to review them and decide if they should be removed or not. You are best off switching to gigs that either don’t involve 3rd party sites or are very definitely allowed.