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Gig suddenly drop down to last pages

Gig suddenly drop down to last pages
My gig was performing 100%, in a week I have done 60+ orders with no negative reviews, my gig was on the second page daily I had got 10+ orders on Monday 6-09-2020 my gig suddenly disappeared from search results, when I have tried to see my gig I haven’t got anywhere into top 20 pages of recommended and best selling, after this I have to apply many filters even reduced 119k gigs to only 807 gigs, I have found my gig at the last pages, I have asked the customer support I haven’t got any reply yet 3 days passed, can anyone explain the reason why and how it takes place and what should I do?


make your gig more attractive dear and share it on ur social media :slightly_smiling_face:

Most of sellers are facing kinda issue .

The algorithm cycles gigs to give every seller an opportunity, sounds like you’re doing well, I don’t know what it’s like in your field but try to create return buyers so that in these periods your sales don’t suffer so much. Good luck!