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Gig Suddenly no longer of interest to fiverr


today I found out that my main gig, which is basically professionally submitting press releases to Google News was removed from the search results. I basically have a 100% positive rating and offer probably the most professional service here on fiverr if it comes to press release distribution. My gigs were always delivered within minutes to hours and guaranteed Google News listings.

This happened before and fiverr apologized and said it was a mistake. They then even featured my deal because of this mistake.

However, when contacting them again today, I got this reply:

The Gig you’re referring to is not something in our Editorial focus and the Gig will not show in Search results anymore. Our Editors decided not to deny your Gig but it doesn’t appear in Search results and we won’t be able to place it in Search results for you.

I wonder how something like this can happen, after a gig made 10000+ USD. I know that some gigs get removed etc if ita bout followers or illegal things like paid reviews, but what I offer is getting people’s press releases into Google News within minutes to hours, and suddenly this?

Especially as a tech editor of a large magazine I would be interested in a statement, as this would be big news for our magazine to publish, as fiverr on one hand wants professional providers, yet they punish them by removing gigs from the search results.

I would like to take this to the next level and discuss this with a manager, as if this is really the truth, it would mean that it is also big news for any seller and the freelancer niche, as fiverr on one hand wants people to be successful and once you are, they take it all away.

I quit my job because of fiverr two months ago, and my “thank you” is not not being able to found.

This is not the way to deal with professional gig providers.

It seems like this has been resolved by fiverrs staff. Thank you for this as I was about to no longer understand the concept of fiverr. That said, thank you to fiverrs staff to look at this case once more. It was really hard for me to believe that this is reality :slight_smile:

That said, the case has been closed and things make sense again.

What happened? Did they put your gig in search results again?

Yes, it was resolved as you mentioned. This happened before by mistake - just that last time they apologized instead of saying that they no longer want such gigs. It would not have made much sense because there are similar gigs available.

My guess is that they had issues with some gigs in that category and removed some by mistake cause else it would have made no sense at all.

I am happy this got resolved because I believe in freelancing and I have quit my day job because things were working out well. Fiverr is a great service but I believe they should communicate better in such cases.

Like I said, I can understand that they want to remove low quality gigs, but with a rating or 100%, revenues of 10000+ USD and me delivering my work within minutes to hours with many extras it would just not make sense.

Without wanting to sound over the top - I believe in my work and I also do everything I can to keep my customers happy - even if that means offering free extras or making sure my clients get the most out of their money.

That’s why I was no longer understanding their reasons - it just made no sense at all.

I’m delighted that the mistake was corrected! I too put my all into my fiverr gigs so I understand how you must have felt. So happy for you that this was sorted out.

Glad it was reinstated, but this should show you not to place all your eggs in one basket.