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GIG suddenly went down - No orders, No Clicks, No Impressions


GiG was working okay! But suddenly went down and no orders.

What should to be done?



that’s very sad for you… buy don’t worry…carry on fiverr…spend more time on it

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Try to share your gig in social media for click and sent buyer request to increase click and impression


Yeah Bro, My GIG was on the 4th page of logo design and then it moved to the 9th page and suddenly it disappeared from there. It’s been more than one month and now it’s like no orders and no clicks, impression,


It’s often out of your hands, and nothing you do can help with it. But I would recommend to research the best keywords to use in gig titles and seo keywords. I saw a pretty good improvement for a short while after doing so, but it might have been coincidence.


do the SEO of your gig.

who can do the SEO or how i can do it

I have recently updated it, so I don’t think it needs it other improvement as it was working best with daily orders. It’s done by the Fiverr algorithm, and they brought it back after 10 days. But now its means nothing

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Send buyer request and try to be take on online more time.

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I’m sending buyer request everyday and being online almost 18 hrs on both my device including cell and laptop. I have completed more then 300 orders but suddenly misplacement of gig is just a surprise :thinking:

Don’t worry, Be patient.

Yup! being patient is only option now

The other issue is that it I’m online but when i go to logo design category and select the local seller with online seller option. it don’t show me online as well

Your last delivery is 10 days before, why you’re worried. You’re a level 2 seller. I think you know that when you updated the gig, it disappears from the search results.

That’s not the case, even i have delivered some orders like 5 days ago from my previous clients. My GIG is on promotion, the promotion is ON but it’s not working, like before i used to receive orders through promotion but now since one month nothing…

Don’t worry, Be patient.

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I wish you the best of luck, fiverr is known for screwing over buyers

Buyers? :thinking: Or did you mean sellers? Perhaps you meant both? However, as a seller and a buyer on this platform, I have never had any issues. Fiverr has always done well by me.

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Just wait and see the fiverr update