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Gig suggestion for newbie

I am a new seller in fiverr. Please suggest me some easy works that does not require too much skills. I want to start my career by this types of work.
I have a little skills on photoshop and illustrator.
At this this time I trying to learn HTML, CSS, PHP, JAVA script.

In my opinion it depends only on your skills / education.
find something you like to do and something that works best for you and see if you can sell it.
Good luck!

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Clog Dancing and Teach Yourself Acupuncture are two Gig ideas with very little competition.

I have suggested them countless times and no one bites.

The next time, I’m going to launch them and make a bundle.

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I am wondering without having skills how can someone become a seller in Fiverr?

@yarasin I mean that I do not have professional skill, I just have little skill a and knowledge on photoshop & illustrator

Do a search with the keywords, you will find less competitive skills, but trust me if you don’t have professional skills you can’t sustain in the market.

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I can do vector tracing service, so I made a logo on this niche.

I will learn html, css, js, php to start web development work.

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