Gig Suggestion: Option For Unlisted Gigs



I am not sure if this was suggested in the past, but like YouTube has unlisted videos, we should have the option of unlisted gigs and they work like this: Your unlisted gig is available (not suspended), but it does not show up in searches or on our gig listing page. It is only available to those buyers who have the URL to it.

Why Would We Need This Option, You Ask. Wouldn’t It Defeat The Purpose of Buyers Finding Our Gigs?

Why would we need this option, you ask? I have a Fiverr gig where I analyze people’s websites in a video. It is a very successful gig. After I deliver that gig, I have my buyers asking me if I can make the changes. If I accept, I have a gig where I make the changes on their website, but I only want that available to them if we have discussed the project. This is one gig where I do not want buyers purchasing until after they speak to me and since I already have another gig where people ask me if I can make the changes, I would just say, “Ok, I will change your website, here is the URL”. I think it would work really well for some sellers.

Another purpose for this:

As some of you know, you get buyers who don’t read your description and order anyway causing you headaches that you cannot perform the gig and then the mess with the mutual cancellations or bad reviews. With an unlisted gig, I would never have this problem. I just direct the buyer to the URL AFTER I accepted the order and then everything works well.


arnevb said: I actually do like the idea!

Thanks. Do you have a need for this?


Nobody wants to comment on this?


Personally, I don’t think I would benefit from something like this being implemented like you would be able to… but I still think it’s a great idea, especially for you and your gigs.

However, what you do, where you direct those people to your other gig after they’ve ordered the first one because they kind of link together, sounds pretty unique. I mean, I don’t think many people do this. It’s not a “Fiverr-wide thing”. As far as I know.

Therefore, I am not sure if Fiverr would be so quick to implement something like this unless the majority of Fiverr sellers were asking for it and could benefit from it. You get what I am saying?

BUT… I do see where I could use this feature as an alternative to the suspend option. Although, one option doesn’t really seem better than the other. Both unlisted and suspended gigs would have the same effect wouldn’t it?

Are there more benefits to this feature than what you have said already? So maybe it would appeal to more Fiverr sellers?


No suspended gigs and unlisted gigs do not have the same effect as suspended gigs can never be ordered and unlisted gigs can always be ordered. See the difference?

Unlisted gigs are live gigs just like listed gigs while suspended gigs are dormant inactive gigs.

Is the difference clearer?


Reply to @hotwebideas: I seen that difference but if I were going to use the feature and unlist the gig as an alternative to suspending, because I wanted to get caught up a bit or something… I feel it would have the same effect because if I didn’t send anyone the link to my gig, it could not be found and ordered… until I was to catch up.

Anyway, I am basically saying, although Fiverr implementing this feature would benefit you and your gigs, I am not sure it would be that way for the majority of other Fiverr sellers. I would think Fiverr would need this feature to appeal and benefit a larger amount of sellers before the would consider it. So, can you think of anymore pros to Fiverr implementing this feature? Maybe that wouldn’t apply to you, but maybe other sellers?

prohelper27 said: if I didn't send anyone the link to my gig, it could not be found and ordered... until I was to catch up.

Right, exactly. The purpose of an unlisted gig would be to hide it from the public and pull it out when you need it. As a level 1 seller (I believe you have up to 10 or 20 gigs) and as a level 2 seller, you have 20 gigs, so I am not suggesting that the seller makes all of them unlisted, just one that can be used when needed, in my case, make the changes for my clients that request it from my analysis gig.