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Gig Suggestion

I have one active gig. But I am confused. is my gig created perfectly? If anyone suggests me how can I improve my gig in better way, that is very helpful for me. here is my gig

Try using one-two words from your gig title in the keyword for a better SEO. To improve your gig you can try having a copywriter take the time to critique your gig description to make sure your wording sounds official to buyer. I hope that helps!

thanks for your suggstion

You could avoid the word “errors” and stick with the word “issues”, because “errors” is ambiguous: you might be talking about text editing, grammar mistakes etc. I think it would also be worth putting the word “technical” (issues) into your full description.

It will also stop the buyer from feeling blamed for making mistakes, and this will make them feel more positive about your gig.