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Heyy guys,how do you do ?
I need some help with gigs. The last 2 weeks I searched a lot of ways how to optimize my gig. I tried to share my gig to Facebook,Twiiter, Facebook groups,gmail accounts, I also tried to optimize my Gig title and Gig description, but none of this worked. Not even a single order was submitted. I don’t know what else to do.
Can you guys give me some suggestions what is wrong with my gigs and why I’m not getting orders ?


You have one review, so at least you got one order. I’m a little curious if you’re a social media marketer, shouldn’t you be able to market your own gigs more effectively and get a response on that front?

Also, have you tried buyers requests? It’s often quite helpful for new sellers.


Let’s take your SEO Report gig

  • What’s the point of using stock photos in your portfolio? How does a stock photo represent your work?
  • Why didn’t you write your own gig description? Why should a buyer order from you and not from the person who actually wrote that gig description?
  • I’m guessing you’re using some kind of online tool for your reports. Will you be adding any extra value from your side or is it just copy/paste?