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Gig Support need


Is there anyone who can help me to improve myself with my gigs?
I want to know that is there any kind of problems in my gigs? Why i can not get more buyers or more buyer request.I level 1 seller.but i dont get more buyer request.


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Maybe the problem is not in you: it’s in the field.
You can see hundreds of designers, competent and skilled - you’re are one of those in my opinion - but no one remains in your mind.
They are all great, but they all seem the same.

If you, through your personal research, could find a signature style - something that makes you recognizable at first sight, you made it.
Your style is not “the retro style” or “the minimalistic style”: it’s your style.

Another thing in this field that baffles me is the one-day delivery. Or even less.

I am not sure that it is what makes the difference, for a designer: unless he or she has, as customer base, resellers with a problem with time.

You could offer time, some kind of dedicated attention.
A customer, I think, needs time to make up his mind, to explain himself, to accept your solutions.
Creativity, itself, is fed with time.

Don’t keep the prices too low.


Thank you so much for your suggestion .I will apply this method too…Lets see what happen