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Gig suspended then denied after requested changes made?!

I really don’t understand what’s happening here…

I put a gig up yesterday for a piece of software. I added the dropbox file link to the automatic message. I got an email today that my gig was suspended because I can’t have any external links. Ok, strange but whatever. I removed the external link then the gig was in pending for about 20 minutes and now it shows as denied?? Is there any way to see WHY it was denied? Or is this just a guessing game?

I’m at a complete loss as to why this would happen, I have the rights to sell this software and even got a sale from it already (although I’ve got no idea what happened to it at this point).

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!!

Forum is not a replacement for Customer Support: you must write them, tell what happened and explain your reasons, then wait for an asnwer.

In forum we are regular users (sellers and buyers) just like you…

Gotcha, sorry about that - was having a difficult time figuring out how exactly to contact support, they’ve got that little tiny link almost hidden there…

Reply to @mrosenkrans: you can click on this link (Customer Support), you can find the link on the top of every forum page and on the bottom of every Fiverr site page… so it’s not exactly hidden :wink: