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Gig Suspended?

Hi. I have been on fiverr for 2 mos. My gig has all 5 star reviews. Last night i received an email from Fiverr that someone complained that my gig violated intellectual property rights and it was cancelled. I have done no such nthing, nor was I ever contacted before to discuss it. Has anyone else had this happen? I don’t feel i did anything wrong. I have been nothing but a great seller here. Any ideas or tips on what to do? thanks!

Let me guess, your gig promised an Amazon review, right? The same happened to me.

Amazon’s terms of service prohibit pay reviews, and Fiverr doesn’t want to get sued by Amazon. Of course, since there are a lot of gigs, Fiverr can’t monitor them all, but eventually they catch you and delete your gig.

My advice to you, say you’ll do a book review and then in your private communications with buyers, tell them where you’ll do it.

P.S. I’m glad your Yelp gig is still there. Maybe Yelp isn’t as nasty as Amazon. The issue with Amazon is they want readers to have the confidence that the book reviews they’re reading are real. In my opinion, they’re fools, fake and paid reviews exist everywhere. Book publishers can ask their own staff to write them, and since small eBook sellers don’t have a publishing house to promote them, they hire guys like you to write reviews.