GIG Suspension


Hi all,

I’m very new to this and I had been searching around the Fiverr Forums and on Google, but I can’t seem to find the answer that I am looking for, hence I created a new “Question”.

If I plan to Suspend my Gig temporarily in the event of any upcoming major life events, will I lose my ratings and / or feedback from buyers ?

Is there anything else important that I will lose if I put my GIG on suspension ?

Thank you all in advance !


I have paused and re-enabled my gigs in the past with no issue(This may have changed since I last did it as it was a while ago since I have.). However, you may lose your “location” of which you appear in searches, which in turn could effect sales. But no worries on actually losing any kind of feedback/ratings. They will be there when you re-enable it. Most people use the “suspend” button to pause their gig in cases where they may get overwhelmed with work and won’t be able to handle anymore until they finish the orders they got already, then they go and re-enable the gig when they wrap the orders up.

In fact, there is a few high volume sellers that have their gigs “paused” while they go on extended breaks so I don’t see them doing so if it will cause them to lose their feedbacks and such.