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Gig swap first page to last page

Is there anyone who is facing the same problem? 2 months ago suddenly my gigs swap from the 1st page to the last page. How can I recover it?
I am a level 2 seller.


Same happened with me 2 days ago. All my best selling gigs have disappeared from 1st page to somewhere. And i am not getting any impressions or clicks. All analytics have gone down.

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Yes, I am also getting same issue. My all gigs moved to last page. May be thats why my impressions and click are getting down day by day.

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How will it help you if there are other sellers who will answer “yes”?


Have you faced same problem? Of course it will help us to know each other is it same issue or not. I just confirmed that,only i am not facing this problem. That means Authority change something. Now We have to focus another way to rank it again. I saw in other groups few people are taking about to contact with support.

Did you contact with support ?

Of course. I agree with you. I have seen others too complaining about this issue. There is something going on. I have stopped getting messages, orders and impressions and clicks have gone to the ground. All best selling gigs have disappeared from the search just 3 days ago.

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I contacted the support but no response yet.

sorry to say this happening also with me and the thing gig will never rank again because fiverr doesn’t accept it so it will going like this.

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few of the members said they had faced the same problem and then they contacted with support. now everything is okay. I still didn’t contact with support

I didn’t understand the mistake. What we did actually?

did your problem solve dude ? Still i am struggling to overcome this problem.

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Hello! what about your current gig status? were you able to recover it?