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Gig tag list error

Hello ! I am new here and I cannot create a gig because it says “tag list must contain at least 1 tag”. I did every step well and I don’t understand why I cannot continue. Please help me !!


give tag according to the gig you have done

for example. if you have done a gig on accounting then give tags like , accounting ,bookkeeping,financial statements , SAP ,Tally, Excel

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I am having the exact same issue, no matter what word / words I enter in the tag I get the message “Tag list must contain at least 1 tag” , did you find a solution?

Hi, have same problems: “Tag list must contain at least 1 tag”

SOLVED by: entering first ‘account’ then a pop-up occures.

  1. enter a word in the blank tag-list, which is not a tag and does not start with ‘a’
    e.g. rust
  2. enter
  3. enter another word.

4. the pop-up does not come,
pop-up appears also at ‘Rust’ :slight_smile:

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This is very common error. I think Fiverr should work on this or provide contextual help on the same page. User thinks ‘Tag list’ will be accepting all the words or tags that he/she types. But actually user has to select from the list that appears only when an alphabet say ‘b’ is pressed followed by space.

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