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GIG Tag Search Issue


I’m Level-1 seller. I’m facing a big issue with my best service gig. Recently (29/05/2018) I have changed my gig search tags. after that gig is down…now when i search by tag then it not showing but when i filter the search like only for Level-1 then it showing. What’s the wrong. Could you please help me to find out the main issue. Last couple of days no order. :sob:


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Contact support. They solve your problem quickly.

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@asraf_dowla Thank you for your reply. I have already contact with support but they said tag is not their issue it’s depend on my gig description but I have again review my gig description and their is no issue.

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Wait. I hope it solve automatically.

@asraf_dowla could you please let me know how much time take it already 5 days gone. thank you.

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Oh…! so long time. Wait for fiverr expert. I hope they comment your post and solve it.

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I am having an issue while starting a GiG. Everything is good up until I get to the Tag part where it keeps popping up that : Tags may only contain letters, spaces and one numeric digit.

I’m not sure what else to do… can someone help…