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Gig tags are disappeared

hello dear experts. i have posted a gig in report writing and essay writing,
i have used ''essay writing tag in my gig but when i preview my gig in buyer mode my 'essay writing tag disappears…is there any issue in my gig ? these tags are working or not ?

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Can I suggest you familiarise yourself with Fiverr’s terms of service, the forum rules, and the forum search facility.

  1. The term ‘essay writing’ is likely to get your gig banned and you a warning. Although essay writing can mean non-academic writing work, Fiverr treats the phrase as meaning academic work. This is not allowed under the terms of service.

  2. Making duplicate posts is not allowed under the forum rules. One of your two duplicate posts, a couple of hours apart, is likely to be taken down by a moderator.

  3. If you use the search facility, you will see loads of other posts about ‘essay writing’ and why sellers have received warnings and had gigs removed. Rather than start a new post (or two as you have done), you could have searched the forums and found the answers.

Good luck, but a good seller reads and understands Fiverr’s rules.