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Gig taken down TOS warning

I logged onto fiverr today to see a notification on both of my gigs. I thought it was something to do with a buyer messaging me on the order page as i had sold a couple of my gigs yesterday but to my suprise it was 2 warnings saying both of my gigs have been removed due to me insulting someone in the fiverr community yesterday. Straight away i knew how this had happened. Yesterday i was approached by a person from Ireland and as usual they were asking for more information about my gig. I thanked them for getting in contact and answered their questions and didn’t hear back from them for a while. I went outside to enjoy my personal life and to take a break from my computer. When i came home to my phone i saw messages asking me to give more info. I happily replied sorry for the late reply and answered a series of questions. The potential buyer then went on to try and get a trial for my piece of software i was offering. I kindly said no i can not do that sorry and he or she just went off and gave me so much abuse. They started saying how my gigs were excuse my language “shit” and how me myself am useless. I had 7 reviews on my gig and they said “that is terrible why are you no placing at the top of the search on fiverr?” I kindly replied there is alot of competition in my niche and lots of talented people to compete with and i am also new to fiverr. He then called me a (excuse my language again) “■■■■■■■” and said my reviews were fake even though that is impossible to get fake reviews. I tried to calm him down but that didn’t work. He kept demanding me show him results but by this point i had kindly said i am sorry but i will not sell to you. He then went on to threaten to get my account banned and that he has done it to other sellers in the past. I just ignored this and blocked him. I reported the the horrific langauge i had been sent and left it there. I did not type any curse words or show any means of insulting a customer no matter how bad they were yet i lose my hard work because of 1 person. I had built up a portfolio of 5 star reviews and satisfied customers calling me “polite” and “awesome to work with” I had qualified for a level 1 seller as well yet that has been taken away from me. I messaged fiverr telling them exactly this. I am naturally really upset and i just think it is unfair to recieve this level of abuse. I really hope i can get my gigs and reviews restored ASAP because i am just really really sad at the moment :sleepy:


I see that you have gigs related to … Amazon… I think that’s forbidden ( not entirely sure if everything related to amazon is forbidden or not ) best thing to do is wait for support to respond

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OMG!This is very sad, I hope you succeed! Do not give up!

Thank you! I really appreciate the support it means alot

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Yes i used to sell my old eccomerce courses i had but i don’t do that anymore. It was my Forex strategies and software i had developed and was giving away to people.

No, your gigs were removed because they violated the ToS. This buyer’s flag just prompted Fiverr to detect it.

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But i was selling my own services and so are so many people on fiverr yet mine gets taken down how is that fair. I had qualified as a level 1 seller and had excellent reviews no that all gone to trash

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Violations of our Terms of Service such as: rude, abusive, improper language or behavior, spamming, misleading profile information, providing personal contact information, requesting positive feedback or feedback removal, and misrepresenting your Gig service may result in a warning.

I haven’t done any of these, i was the one who recieved the abuse that is so god danm unfair i am actually raising this further

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Do - ask to escalate the ticket. CS are overwhelmed at the moment and not as careful as they might be with who did what …

Okay how do i do that if i may ask please ?

If you have a ticket - open or closed - politely ask them to escalate it.

If you haven’t contacted CS about this, then do so … be patient about their response time …

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Okay yeah i do have an open ticket at the moment please could you tell me where i go to do that?

Just scroll down and add a reply in the “Reply” box …

okay thank you for the support buddy it means alot