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Gig that made 250$ per week got denied


I tried to update my GIG and I got this message. “Your Gig requires modification - NOT AN ORIGINAL IMAGE OR DESIGN (DESIGNERS)”. I don’t know why this happened and the designs I have used in the gig are mine. I just collected few of my previous works(6 designs) and put them in to one image. I have created another gig and tried to upload the same image and again I got the denied message. Please help me on this. I am starting to work full time on fiverr and I got a good start on the beginning of the year. But unfortunately this thing happened and I am depressed.


Have you messaged Support? If all the designs were yours, and you can prove it, they should work with you to resolve the problem.


Did you really think that just trying to upload the same picture that was denied once to another gig would solve the problem?

If that’s your original designs just contact fiverr support and send them all source files and they will easily fix it for you.


Maybe this is the problem.

Are these 6 designs form your Fiverr buyers? If so, do you have their permission to display them?


Or maybe he had another account with his old works :scream:

@keplergraphics did you have another account before with those designs?


Yes I am waiting for the reply. All the designs are mine and I can prove it.


I uploaded it again to confirm whether that image has the issue. I contacted them but I didn’t get a reply yet.


I don’t think it will be a problem because the designer is me.


No this is my one and only account. :blush:


Use a different image.


I can create a new gig with a new image. But the denied gig was very important to me. I can’t even edit it again. Only option I have is the delete button.


Then it shouldn’t be a problem. However they left only option to remove your gig because the system detected it once and you uploaded it again without any changes so they saw it a violation of their rules and now you have only option to delete this gig.

But hopefully fiverr support will be able to restore when they see the proof and source files for your designs. However It might take few days for them to reply.


Hi, nice to see you from SriLanka. Where the first warning was fired, that’s when you should contact customer support. but you did the same wrong twice. That’s maybe the reason for permanent deny. But still you have time to discuss with the CS / figure the issue and get your gig back. :slightly_smiling_face:


Even at the first (before uploading the design for the second time) I didn’t have any option to edit it again. However let’s see their reply. :neutral_face:


Waiting for the reply. Hope that will be a positive. :slightly_smiling_face:


I think what I have learnt so far as a new seller is never to do the same thing again once I receive a denial message from fiverr. In some cases, your account might even be flagged for trying to upload same gig without listening to their corrections. So, once they deny any gig it’s best to contact support instead of trying same gig again without any modifications. It will only lead to trouble.
Hopefully your gig will be restore back, I pray.


Someone did say recently that their account got banned because they used the same image again after their gig was removed to have the image replaced.


Athough you being the designer, if buyers find out you’re showing their work without their permission, they will complain to CS and you’ll see yourself in trouble.


Thank you so much for your replies. I got an email and now my gig is available again. They said it was a mistake. Happy fiverring. :blush:
Thanks again


nice to hear that , I am 100% sure that Fiverr doesn’t ban / removes gigs without a reason , mistakes can happen but as you saw everything was fixed … fortunately