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Gig thumbnails image, the first door

As a seller, it took me a lot of days that a gig thumbnail image is the main door for a buyer to enter into your store to buy a seller’s gig. If he/she impressed at the first look with the gig thumbnail, she/he might click on your gig image. Then there will be a chance to buy the gig. In this case, I am at far behind to attract buyers attention at first look. Because I am not good at making gig image but I believe that I am a skilled seller. In that case, what should I do to attract buyers attraction? Please suggest me.


Hire somebody on Fiverr to make you a gig image - simple! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for your simple suggestion.


You’re welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:

Your gig images look fine to be honest, but if I could suggest anything, perhaps you could choose better thumbnails for a couple of your videos?

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Your suggestions are always welcome.

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Thumbnail images are important, however about 2 month ago I did a makover for all my gig images, making them uniform, and there is no change in buyers.

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As I’ve seen gigs, Thumbnail images are less important than the amount of reviews and especially VISIBILITY. The latter is the main factor to be successful without promoting yourself outside of Fiverr or getting customers from elsewhere. People will buy the sloppy or less quality gig if it’s in the first page or especially at the beginning of the first page. I’ve tried out a lot of style of thumbnail images and none of them helped me to get more orders.

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Thanks for your so nice suggestion

You can use Canva to design good looking thumbnails

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Good suggestion! Woul’d try to use.

You can use canva or stencil website to generate thumbnails