Gig Timer & Details Drop-down Error


On order pages, at the moment, the timer does not load, and the order details drop-down isn’t expanding (i.e., dropping down). Are other sellers experiencing this as well, and this would need to be reported, or are this order page elements working for everyone else, and I need to continue trouble-shooting on my end?


Everything seems working properly over here!


Hmm. Alright. I’ve cleared my cache, and restarted my system – these actions usually correct these kinds of issues. Alas, no change. I’ll keep trouble-shooting.

If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to comment. :slight_smile:


No go on either Firefox or Chrome. Timer and order details don’t show via either browser.


Alright, I tried a different computer in my house… the same issues are repeated – no gig timer, and the order details don’t drop down. This is, therefore, not a localized issue. It appears to be a error or problem on Fiverr’s end. I’ll send off a bug report.

Just for the sake of curiosity, if anyone else is experiencing this issue, please post a comment. It might help to know how widespread this is – because it is, most definitely, a Fiverr issue, and it may be affecting more users than just me.

I’ll share what I hear from Fiverr CS.


Hmm. I just noticed… reviews aren’t showing on any of my gigs either.


I’ve double checked. At least here it’s still working properly. Europe, Germany.


Well, courtesy of this issue, I guess I’m not working tonight. When you can’t see the buyer’s order details, there really isn’t much that you can do – other then let the buyer know of the problem, hope for an expedient resolution, and wait.:neutral_face:

So… what movie should I watch? Any suggestions?


Sorry for that, strangely here it works normally…
Movie: The Lobster


Eh, it is what it is. Messages have been sent to the next six buyer/orders due within the next few hours; they know of the issue. All I can do now… is wait. :confused:

I’ve never heard of the movie, “The Lobster”. What’s it about (and don’t say, “a lobster”) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Check this out:


That sounds like an interesting movie. Creative and original to say the least.


I watched Lobster and that was one WEIRD movie. I’m still scratching my head over the concept LOL. :smile: I’m ok with off the wall movies, but this one took the :cake:.


Hey Jon, this has happened to me on a couple of occasions, can’t say I have any solution although it never lasted for more than 20-30 mins for me and always when I needed to complete something :slight_smile:


Yeah, we’re over 5 hours (and counting) on my end. A few orders have gone past their deadline – which would have been completed with plenty of time remaining, had this error stuff not popped up. It seems to have come out of nowhere. Everything was fine 6 hours ago, I took a break from Fiverr, and then returned to find all of this stuff broken and not displaying.

We’ll see how quickly CS is in addressing my ticket.

Thankfully, my communication with one buyer whose order is due shortly, resulted in him sending me a document containing all of his original order details. His order can probably still be completed on time. But a few others are waiting on CS.


It is what it is. It’s definitely not something I can fix on my end. :neutral_face:


Well then… isn’t this wonderful: The green “Deliver This Order” button is broken as well. Clicking on it to process a delivery does nothing. Nada.

So, at least for me, every single order page is 100% broken.

Yep. I guess I have the night off. No working on Fiverr for me. :confused:


i am experiencing same problem … repoted to fcs … no solution


i have the issue now… how was it solved my friend ?
thanks !


Only Customer Support can handle anything like this. Contact them.

Good luck!


thanks so much …