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Gig Timers

I have a buyer that is requesting my gig be delivered tomorrow, but the timer is already counting down and by the time I deliver, the gig will be late. Is there any way for me to adjust the time? Will I get a negative rating because of this? What are my options?

You’d better not to deliver when time is over, 'cause your buyer could cancel and you’ll be given an automatic negative feedback!

Countdown can be stopped only with a delivery!

the buyer is requesting the order be delivered LATER than the time I allotted for it, not sooner or within the time frame…

If the buyer requested it to be later then you have no issues. They won’t cancel (providing you get it done within 24 hours after it goes late). If they do cancel then you can get the negative feedback removed by customer support if you have evidence that the customer suggested this is the time that you completed it by.

Late gigs will not affect your rating if they are not cancelled. According to customer support, late deliveries are not actually tracked. They only become tracked if cancelled and you get negative feedback as a result.

Just deliver it and you should be fine.

thank you!

That’s really strange. Why does the buyer want their order delivered late? Why do they not want it delivered within the delivery time frame?