Gig tips and review


Hi everyone.
My name is Emanuele and i lately subscribed to Fiverr.
I thought i could use my personal skills to raise some money, so i should be in the right place.

Here you can find my gigs:

They have been on Fiverr for a month, 150 impression each, 8 clicks and around 20 views.

What i would like to ask is:
-How can i optimize those Gigs?
-How can i make a better call to action?
-Are those buyable services? Would you personally buy them? Why yes/no?
-I’m not English, is there any grammar mistake?

Thank you in advance for the answers.



Hello Emanuele,

Welcome to Fiverr.

How can i optimize those Gigs?

It seems as though both services are very specific and have a particular niche. When creating a service, you should consider its popularity - realistically, how many people will need a training plan? How about making it a little more generic, by offering healthy eating plans too?

How can i make a better call to action?

I’m not a copywriter, but the phrase “buy now to believe” doesn’t really inspire me. How about something like… “Simply buy my gig now for a powerful, effective and adaptable workout routine designed to amplify your gains!”

Are those buyable services? Would you personally buy them? Why yes/no?

I would personally consider buying the workout routine gig. However, no, I wouldn’t trust a stranger to compile the parts for a new computer.

I’m not English, is there any grammar mistake?

Yes, both gigs contain quite a lot of grammar mistakes. Also, your Fiverr ‘bio’ needs a lot of work too.

I hope this helps. Good luck!



Interesting gig… Are you selling computers, parts, and whatnot for $5? The first course of action is to clarify your gig description as to what you’re offering.

Best of luck to you!


I agree with mrproofreading that you could offer something that it is a little more generic next to your existing gig. There is a place for specialism alongside generalist gigs, though, so don’t get rid of your current gig. Just tweak it a little and monitor the results.


Alright so i followed your advices.
I did modify the personal training gig and here is the new one:

I also think i made a better call to action now.
Only think to do is to remove grammar mistakes and i’m going to do that as soon as possible.
Maybe adding some images and a video would inspire buyers more.

Other advices are well accepted!

Thank you


What i do is basically building the configuration.

-cx 430watt
-a10 7800k
-Gigabyte GA-F2A68HM-HD2
-Kingston 2133mhz ddr3
-Corsair carbide 100r
-Western digital caviar blue 1gb 7200 rpm

These are computer parts that if assembled together will work as a normal computer.
I explain in the Gig why assembling a computer is better than a preassembled.
Anyway that is true only if the person who choose the components knows what he is doing.
So what do i do basically is giving this list for 5$.
The buyer will have to purchase the components and assemble them. That’s it.


Okay, got it! Thanks for the clarification. Good luck! :sunglasses: