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Gig Title and Tags

Hi fiverr Experts, I have question for you all.

-How to Select best title for the gigs
-and how to choose best tags for the gig.

Thank you!

The best answer is the most boring one: do some research.

Best title should be 50 characters maximum. :smiley: .

Type a keyword on Fiverr search box , you will get some seggestion… Use them as a tags. :slight_smile:
Thank you

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Hmm amazing
Thank you !

Use google keyword planner to search also pay attention to the keyword used on fiverr as suggested above.

Gig Title crafting the perfect buyer friendly version of a Gig title, make use of capitalization. Fiverr allows one fully capitalized word per Gig title, so use that word as an opportunity to really highlight the most unique aspect of your Gig.


I can’t write more than 20 character, and with 20 characters it is possible to add only 3/4 word. so how I can add five tags