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Gig Title and url

If my gig title and URL are different, will there be any problem?

For example,
URL- fiverr(.)com/do-logo-design
Title- I will do logo design and many more


No, its not any problem


Your example doesn’t pose a problem.
A problem would be if your title and url are really different, like, e.g., an url about logo design but a title about whiteboard animation.


No problem. But I seem that you edit your gig title. Your first title is “I will do logo design” and after editing the title is “I will do logo design and many more”.

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No problem! :heart: Actually when you first time put your title on the title box, Fiverr saved it as the main URL. This URL can’t change even you want to edit your title. so don’t worry.

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It will not a problem. Fiverr uses your initial Gig title to generate the Gig URL. It cannot be edited, even after changing your Gig title.

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Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: to everyone

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