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Gig title are not same with gig url after updating GIgi title

Some days ago I have updated my gig title for increase my gig impression, now I see that my gig URL is not updated. just show like before gig title, I don’t Undreants that??? why The gig URL is not updated with new gig title and nish?


gig url is unique and won’t change even if you change the gig title will be the same url.

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Gig URL can’t updated or you can’t change gig URL.

I have update my gig title but gig url is not showing same?? it not happened??

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If you update your gig title then your Gig url can’t updated.
Gig URL generate according to your First created gig title.


Gig URL Generate form your first gig title when you start create new gig…after submission your gig that URL updated. Next time you can change your gig title but not change gig URL. I recommend that never change your gig title it’s not practice.

Great , You are right.