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Gig Title box always pops up messages as "gig title is illegal or invalid please what the right way to go about this gig title issues. thanks for your anticipated support

Good evening every one. nice to be here. i am new here too. please i am trying to add a gig title but its not successful. it tells me its invalid or illegal. please can any one help out on this. thanks.

Do you have any special character in your gig title? Are you putting a full stop at the end of your title? Or do you have a comma in it? If nothing of this helps, then paste your exact title over here.

@deluxewriting Off topic quick que,have your outlook updated? Mine is old yet :cry: .

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No, mine is not updated as well. It took the system more than a month to roll out the Phone verification requirement to my account, so I guess, I will have to wait for this feature as well.

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Yep! Mine too… :mask:
Only 20% user can see the new user interface.
And I thought, when it comes to measure by probability (%), I’m last person to count.

Hope, official release will publish soon for all of us :angel:

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Maybe you are using . , & # $ or any other illegal charecters. Name your gig with only alphabets.

i m also suffering from same problem
will you tell me plz how you put the title?

What did you type into the title section?

i type that i will work online cos i am skilled in it.

“Working online” isn’t a specific enough service to offer. You’re going to have to come up with something better (and more marketable) than that.

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Don’t use the phrase “I will” it’s already there by default.


Am used "do functional testing and share test deliverables. getting gig is not valid issue