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Gig title does not match my URL...Help!

Hello, desperate need of assistance,

I noticed that my dig title does not match the URL address, please, can anyone advise what can I do to resolve the issue/mistake?..seems like a school-boy error on my part.

I presume the root cause was of the issue was made whilst I was making amendments to the gig.

I would really appreciate anyone’s help.



Gig permalinks stays the same as like your initial title when you created and published the gig.

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So, unless I wanted it to change it, I would need to delete the gig and start again?? or am I being too critical…

yes. if you want to change that permalink. then you need to recreate the gig

and for the tip. before creating any gig. please do proper research and then plan > design > launch the gig


Cool, thank you for your help!

Much appreciated.

I don’t know what the mistake was but it will not hurt the gig as long as the title is for the same thing as the URL> for example if the URL is about logos, then the gig should be about logos.

If the URL is about something different from the gig then you will need to delete the gig.

I’ve been doing some research and its advised that the title description and keywords used conform to Fiverr’s search algorithm - which would mean that your gig will have a better chance at being ranked without any ambiguity…Im not an expert in this, I’m just following what the general public advise.

But for sure, you are right, if the title makes suitable relevance then it ‘should’ be all good.


I found it happened even before publishing. The first time you write a title in your draft the permalink is set right after saving or moving to the next step.

It happened to me but as @misscrystal says the title is still relevant. Actually I see it as a good thing since it’s a slightly different way to communicate what the gig is about (in case anyone bothers to look at the url)

If it happens to me again while drafting I would just recreate the gig before publishing.


I am facing the same issue.

I published my Gig, however my URL is not updated after I renamed my Gig.

My friend told me that I may need to delete the Gig and create it again since I have literally no orders.

It’s not a problem as long as the gig title you changed it to is for the same thing as the URL or old title.

The URL will never change for a gig.

If you are selling logos for example and your old title and URL was about logos your new gig title should also be about logos.

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Yes, thank you so much. I think there is no need to delete the Gig then :sunny:

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If the new gig title is in the same category and niche as what the URL says, then I see no cause for alarm.
You should be fine.