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Gig Title incoherent, irrelevant, with poor grammar or bad punctuation

I just got email from fiver that my gig title is incoherent, irrelevant, with poor grammar or bad punctuation. I did a small change to my title after this email and now its in pending approval. Is there any chance that my gig might get removed by fiver, if my title is still not right by their standards?


Please guide me in this matter!!

If you have review in the gig then try to customize more,and Use Grammarly Chrome Extension
If you have not any review then delete this gig and reopen on the same category

Hi @muhammadzain123,

It’s difficult for anyone to help you if you don’t put the link to your Gig.


yes it has most of the reviews. I have changed the title a little bit, but its been 18 hours and its still in the pending for approval.

it’s really not good enough to edit your gig again…If they take time so wait for the answer :expressionless:

I got this email when I added a video to my gig.

its been approved thanks for the advice!

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Welcome :heart: best of luck